Zoe’s Natural Garden

Shares for 2015 now available!  We will start Spring on April 6th, but take signups throughout the season.

Sign Up for a Share

Zoe’s Garden is pleased to continue offering our Four Season CSA shares. Rather than an all year commitment, we are breaking our CSA packages up into four blocks, each with the distinctive vegetable and fruit mixes available in those seasons, starting April 6th.  If you are already loyal to a farm through the Summer / Farmer’s Market season, consider signing up with us for the Spring, Fall, or Winter.  For more information on likely produce and pricing, please go here.

We will take new members throughout the season at pro-rated costs.  It is never too late to sign up!

Dates Available

The 2015 seasons will have the following dates:

Spring, 8 weeks,   (register here)
April 6th — May 29th

Two week break for planting

Summer, 16 weeks,   (register here)
June 15th — October 2nd

Fall, 8 weeks,   (register here)
October 5th – November 27th

Winter, 9 weeks,   (register here)
November 30th – January 29th

Pick-Up Locations and Times (reduced in Winter – see registration page)

Questions about drop locations?  Email produce@zoegarden.com

Deliveries are made by 3:00 p.m. on the listed day.

*** Spring, Summer, and Fall ***

Bountiful (member house, 2024 S 1175 E in Bountiful)
Sugarhouse (member house, 2681 S 1900 E)
Holladay Granato’s (4044 S 2700 E) – open until at least 6:00
Layton at the Farm (1700 N Fort Lane)
Ogden (Harvest Moon Health Foods, 1735 East Skyline Drive) – Closes at 6:00
Park City (Recycle Utah, 1951 Woodbine Way) – Closes at 5:30
Draper (member house, 938 Rosefield Lane, Draper)
Salt Lake Downtown (member house – 445 E 1700 S)

If you don’t see a location near you and would like to host and organize a new drop location, 5+ new members are required. Spread the word in your neighborhood and let us know if there is interest.

Some drops are open until 8pm, but we recommend you pick up your share as close to the start time as possible because when fresh produce is left in the heat, nature does its decomposition thing.

If you have any problems with your share, please call the farm at 801-721-8238 rather than the drop hosts. Thank you.

We determined the most central pick up locations based on member density. Hint: get your neighbors to become members!

Please be aware that since the food is picked at the peak of ripeness (because it’s yummiest and most nutritious that way), we recommend keeping a cooler in your car for the transport if you have to drive a long way. If you forget to pick up your produce, it will be donated – and you will not be refunded.

Share Options

  • Vegetarian box ($36/week)
  • Meat – Receive 2-3 pounds of meat per week in addition to your vegetarian box ($16 in addition the vegetarian box).

A 7% Admin & Fuel Charge will be added to help offset the cost of administration, boxes, packaging materials, transaction charges & fuel cost.

Our program is meant for people who would like to include fresh produce as part of their daily diet and who like variety and have fun being creative and trying new things.

Please read the membership pledge to understand your commitment to our CSA.

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